Zoning Ordinance

About the Ordinance
The Floyd County Zoning Ordinance (PDF) lays out each zoning district in the county, what is permitted in each district, as well as what conditional uses may be allowed in that district after a public hearing before the Board of Adjustment is held. Each district also includes certain setbacks and minimum lot sizes for new structures and lots.

Applications & Zoning
The Planning and Zoning Department will be able to help an applicant determine which request they will need to make based on which zoning district the property is located in. The application should be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Department no later than 21 working days prior to the appropriate boards regular scheduled meeting date, along with a $150 fee.

Update of Zoning Ordinance
The Floyd County Supervisors approved the final reading of the updated Floyd County Zoning Ordinance on December 27, 2011. The original Zoning Ordinance was passed June 1, 1967 and underwent a re-write in 1984. Due to the outdated nature of the ordinance, the Zoning Commission began rewriting the ordinance with the assistance of NIACOG in October 2009.

Definition Section Updates
Through the update of the Zoning Ordinance, the definition section was greatly expanded to include:
  • Commercial-Recreational District
  • Floodplain section was updated
  • Mobile Home Park District
  • Sign and parking regulations
  • Uses within the districts were increased to include many more uses
  • Wind energy section
For More Information
Please feel free to contact the Planning and Zoning Department if you have any questions regarding your property and whether there were any specific changes that could affect you.

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