Iowa residents living in rural areas outside of incorporated cities rely on their local township government to provide vital functions such as fire protection.  Townships are also responsible for public cemeteries and resolving fence disputes.  In addition, townships may choose to provide other services such as emergency medical service, township halls, parks, libraries, community centers, and playgrounds. 

The township trustees and clerks are the locally elected officials who are responsible for seeing that those services are delivered effectively and economically.  Their job is important and they represent the heart of local government for township residents.  Yet many trustees and clerks assume their jobs with little or no training and experience.  

The election of township officers takes place at the general election on ballots which shall not reflect a nominee's political affiliation.  A person seeking election as a township officer shall file an affidavit of candidacy with the county commissioner of elections.  Contact the Floyd County Auditor's office for more information if you are interested in serving in this capacity.  

Below are the township officials in Floyd County:

Cedar Township

Trustees:  Maurice Johnson, Larry Tjaden, and David Wetherell
Clerk:  Julie Ritter

Floyd Township

Trustees:  Lynn Elfers, Duane Folz, and Ronald Stewart
Clerk:  Theresa Stewart

Cemetery Maps
Salsbury Cemetery
Oakwood Cemetery
Floyd Cemetery

Niles Township

Trustees:  Chris Garden, Gary Girkin, and Brian Voelker
Clerk:  Sandra Hicks

Pleasant Grove

Trustees:  Kevin Kingery, Dennis Gabe, and John Eggena
Clerk:  Roxann Geelhoed

Riverton Township

Trustees:  Craig Begemann, Robert Mondt, and Charlie Westervelt
Clerk:  Troy Stille

Rockford Township

Trustees:  Don Ewen, James Howe, and Russ Litterer
Clerk:  Kevin Boehmer

Rudd Township

Trustees:  Lucas Brandau, Terry Dean, and Dustin Straube
Clerk:  William Schmidt

Rock Grove Township

Trustees:  Criss Miller, Michael Shanks, and Bruce Squier
Clerk:  Galen Montag

St Charles Township

Trustees:  Leland Boyd, Dennis Sanvig, and Denny Shollenbarger
Clerk:  Geri Aikey

Scott Township

Trustees:  Gerald Marzen, Richard Wihlm, and Paul Ott
Clerk:  Vacant

Ulster Township

Trustees:  Randy Heitz, Gerald Schmitt, and Merlyn Schweizer
Clerk:  Bill Dolan

Union Township

Trustees:  John Brunner, Mark Schlader, and Ricky Rex
Clerk:  Randy Schweizer