Incarcerated Veterans

Incarcerated Veterans

 What we can do: 

State law states that a person incarcerated gets one phone call, and if you are a veteran you can request to see the Veteran’s Affairs representative in your county. As a veteran service officer the state of Iowa feels that meeting with veterans at least one time meets due diligence. If you need to see your representative more than once, it needs to be medically needed, or dealing with your benefits being altered, because of your incarceration. Please do not abuse this benefit. 

We can answers questions on benefits, enroll veterans into programs they are eligible for. We can check or inquire on claims. Such as service-connected compensation claims (service-connected disability), pension claims (if you are over the age of 65 with low income, high medical costs, or need the aid of someone to help you).

We can be a liaison on mental health issue related to your military service (PTSD, MST, TBI). We can help you get enrolled into the VA healthcare to enroll you into Mental Health Services through the VA, and acknowledge this in writing.

We can help answer any questions, or give insights to your legal representatives -  if you choose to have them contact the county VSO on your behalf.

What we cannot do: 

Provide Bail or Bond

We cannot interfere with officials, jailer, deputies or sheriffs on what you are being charged or disciplined with.

We cannot see veterans to “waste time” while they are incarcerated.

Incarcerated veterans in need of his/her VA Medications

Veterans can have someone bring them their medications to jail.  You can contact the county veterans service officer, or the jail staff. A release of records can be faxed to the VA Health Care Release of Information office with the veteran’s information, explaining what exactly they need as far as information. It can be the jailers or county VSO's own form, or VA Form 10-5345 can be used.

Des Moines VA Medical Center Release of information office: 

Office number: 515-699-5802

Fax number: 515-699-5934

Iowa City VA Medical Center – Release of Information Office:

Office number: 319-338-0581 ext. 6383

Fax number: 319-339-7189

VA Legal Resources - Limited

Additional helpful contacts: 

Veterans Justice Outreach Program: Sara Glenn, VJO Specialist   Email:

Hours: Varies

Maybe able to assist you with the following:  Working with your legal representatives to identify mental health or substance abuse treatment options. Assist you with eligibility determination, enrollment and referral to a VA, and non-VA Services. Offer direct outreach, assessment, and case management to you in local courts and jails.

Chief Tim Krum, began serving Polk County in 1992, and now oversees the operations of the Polk County Jail. Chief Krum has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of the Sheriff's Office. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the jail. Chief Krum facilitates a cooperative effort with law enforcement leaders and government officials at the local, state and federal levels.

Tim is also a Veteran Affairs Commissioner in Polk County and is willing to talk to any jailers, deputies or sheriff regarding veteran’s rights while incarcerated. (515) 286 – 3333 or