Board of Supervisors

Floyd County has a 3-person board of supervisors, elected at large by citizens throughout the county.  Individuals serve 4-year terms with elections held every two years.  The Board elects one supervisor of its members to serve as chair.      
The Board has both legislative and administrative powers and is the policy-making body for Floyd County government.  With its authority to adopt legislation and policies for department operations, the board sets priorities, allocates resources and maintains budgetary control. 

Meetings are typically held every Monday starting at 9 a.m.  Meetings are open to the public.  Agendas are posted at least 24 hours prior to meetings on the bulletin board near the ground floor entrance of the courthouse as well as on this Floyd County website.  Click on Board Agendas and Minutes for location of where meetings will be held. 

Board Agendas and Minutes
Click here for video recordings of meetings:  Charles City Public Access Network

Book 31-Minutes from 2016-2019
Book 30-Minutes from 2012-2015
Book 29-Minutes from 2009-2011
Book 29-Minutes from 2008
Book 28-Minutes from Nov 2015-2017

Comprehensive Housing Needs Analysis for Floyd County, Iowa

Maxfield Research & Consulting, LLC was procured to conduct a Comprehensive Housing Needs Analysis (click on the link) for Floyd County and Nashua, Iowa.  The study was completed in March 2019 and provides recommendations on the amount and types of housing that should be developed in order to meet the needs of current and future households who chose to reside in the County.  

The scope of the study includes an analysis of the demographic and economic characteristics of the county, a review of the characteristics of existing housing stock and building permit trends, an analysis of market conditions for a variety of rental and for-sale housing products, and an assessment of the need for housing by product type in the county.  Recommendations on the number and types of housing products that should be considered in the county are also supplied.

Ambulance Commission Roy Schwickerath
Charles City Area Development Corp (CC ADC) Doug Kamm, Tammy Elthon, Randy Heitz & Paul Rottinghaus
CC ADC - Floyd Co Asset Management Committee Doug Kamm
CC ADC - Jobs Potential Review Committee Doug Kamm
Chamber of Commerce - Joint Entity Committee Linda Tjaden
Charles City Community Development - Business Improvement Committee Linda Tjaden
Charles City Community Development - Cultural Entertainment District Grant Committee Linda Tjaden
Charles City Community Development - Hotel/Motel Tax Commission Doug Kamm
Central Iowa Juvenile Detention Center

Roy Schwickerath/Doug Kamm - Alternate

County Social Services Board Roy Schwickerath / Linda Tjaden - Alternate
Courthouse Security Committee Linda Tjaden
E911 Board Roy Schwickerath / Linda Tjaden - Alternate
Emergency Food and Shelter Program Roy Schwickerath
Emergency Management Commission Linda Tjaden / Roy Schwickerath - Alternate
Floyd County Communications Advisory Board Roy Schwickerath 
Floyd County Housing Trust Fund Board Roy Schwickerath
Floyd-Mitchell-Chickasaw (FMC) Early Childhood Iowa Doug Kamm
FMC Families Making Connections Governance Board Linda Tjaden / Roy Schwickerath - Alternate
FMC Solid Waste Management Agency (Landfill) Doug Kamm / Linda Tjaden -Alternate
FOCUS-Free Our Community of Unwanted Substances Linda Tjaden
Foster Grandparents Roy Schwickerath
IT/Website Committee Linda Tjaden
LEC/Courthouse Core Team Doug Kamm
North Iowa Council of Governments (NIACOG) Doug Kamm / Roy Schwickerath - Alternate & Sharon Enabnit & Richard Severin
North Iowa Long Term Disaster Recovery Committee Linda Tjaden
NIACOG-North Central Regional Emergency Planning District Committee (membership) Roy Schwickerath / Doug Kamm - Alternate
NIACOG-North Central Regional Emergency Response Commission (HAZMAT) Roy Schwickerath / Doug Kamm - Alternate
NIACOG-Transportation Policy Board/Map 21/Region 2 Regional Planning Affiliate Policy Board Committee Roy Schwickerath / Doug Kamm - Alternate
Northeast Iowa Workforce Area - Chief Elected Officials Roy Schwickerath
Risk Management Committee Linda Tjaden
Second Judicial District Doug Kamm / Roy Schwickerath - Alternate
Southwest Bypass TIF Board Roy Schwickerath / Doug Kamm - Alternate & Gloria Carr / Frank Rottinghaus - Alternate
Upper Cedar Watershed Management Improvement Authority Linda Tjaden / Roy Schwicerath - Alternate
Board of Health Linda Tjaden
CC Chamber of Commerce Doug Kamm
CC Community Development -
​Main Street Charles City
Linda Tjaden
Conservation Commission Roy Schwickerath
North Cedar Aviation Authority Doug Kamm
Veteran Affairs Commission Linda Tjaden

Interested in serving on a county board or commission?

It is the goal of the Board of Supervisors to make public service on county boards/commissions as inclusive as possible in order to receive input from all Floyd County citizens regardless of race, creed, age, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.  The Supervisors shall determine on a case by case basis if any county resident should be considered for reappointment notwithstanding the number of terms or length of service any individual may have already served on a county board/commission.  In making appointments to the boards/commissions, the Supervisors will consider among other things the willingness, interest, and abilities of the applicant to serve Floyd County as expressed in Floyd County’s Board/Commission application form, any special training or characteristics required by the Iowa Code to fulfill specific appointments, and the Supervisor’s goal to have a geographical distribution of board/commission members from all parts of Floyd County.  In addition, in every appointment the Supervisors will make a good faith effort to comply with the Iowa Code Gender Balance Law. 
Other Boards /Commissions /Committees


Assessor's Examining Board (Appointed at Conference Board meeting) Mark Huegel-Supervisor appointee, Gerald Joerger-School Board appointee, & Cheri Schafer-appointed by cities
Board of Adjustments Sean Pitkin, James Jorgensen, and Teresa Stevens-Marth, Wendy Johnson, Rick Cordes
Board of Review (Appointed by Conference Board) Ann Kabele, Brad Cole, Wendy Luft, Charles Souder, Charles LeMaster
Cedar Valley Transportation Center Board County Engineer / Asst Co Engineer - Alternate
Central Iowa Tourism Heidi Reams & Ginger Williams
Compensation Board Kalen Schlader & Cheryl Erb-Board of Supervisor's appointees, Danielle Ellingson-County Attorney appointee, Lisa Garden-Auditor appointee, Veronica Litterer-Recorder appointee, Troy Jaeger-Sheriff appointee, & Bret Van Ausdall-Treasurer appointee
Compensation Commission (for procedures under eminent domain) Owner-Operator Ag Property: Dawn Cunningham, Teresa Stevens-Marth, Amy Staudt, Roxanne Bjelica, Jim Frisbie, Galen Montag, Robert Kepple; City Property Owner: Holly Connor, Cheryl Erb, Jean Ann Kamm, George Anderson, Steve Fischer, Robert Tommingo, Robert Kloberdanz; Real Estate:  Lori Stewart, Wendy Luft, Connie Parson, Kendall Enabnit, Jerry Hegtvedt, Scott Johnson, Gene LaBounty; Property Value Knowledge/Occupation:  Bethany Hruska, Sharon Vickerman, Kim Schlader, Ryan Venz, Craig Anderson, and two TBD.
Conference Board Per code: the mayors of the incorporated cities of the county, one representative of the board of directors of each high school district who is a resident of the county, and members of the board of supervisors 
Civil Service Commission Kathy Herrick & Harry White-Board of Supervisor's appointees, Danielle Ellingson-County Attorney Appointee
Conservation Board Jesse Frerichs, Mary Ramon, Pete Kloberdanz, Pam Folz, & Doug Johnson
Emergency Management Commission Per code: a member of the board of supervisors, the sheriff and the mayor of each incorporated city in the county
Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council Brian Chambers, Patrick Lumley, David Luett, Brandy Molitor, Dawn Staudt, Jeff Stirling, and Dawnett Willis and Roy Schwickerath (non-voting member)
Health Board Dr. Lisa Kapler, M.D., Rosemary Tobin, David Tice, Denise Pavlovich, & Scott Hansen
Magistrate Appointing Commission Erika Troyna, Carl (Kip) Hauser, and Barbara Fuls (Attorney/Bar appts:  William Baresel and Bradley Sloter)
Medical Examiner Primary:  Dr. Paul Royer, M.D.; Alternates:  Drs. Schweizer, Schrodt, and Tull 
NIACOG-Revolving Loan Fund Committee Patrick Gebel
North Cedar Aviation Authority Cathy McGrgeor-Board of Supervisor appointee, Jeff Sisson & Carl (Kip) Hauser City of Charles City appointee
North Iowa Regional Housing Auth. Roy Schwickerath, Primary / Jeff Sherman - Alternate
Veterans Affairs Commission Robert Mondt, Maureen Ruane, Tim Speas, April Banks & Gary Quint
Zoning Commission Guy Carpenter, Dean Tjaden, Ben Rottinghaus, Pam Erbe-Lines, & Allison Staudt
  1. Doug Kamm

    County Supervisor Chair
    Phone: 641-330-1741

  2. Roy Schwickerath

    County Supervisor, Vice Chair
    Phone: 641-330-6888

  3. Linda Tjaden

    County Supervisor
    Phone: 641-583-0326

  4. Board of Supervisors

    Physical Address
    101 S Main Street
    Suite 304
    Charles City, IA 50616

    Phone: 641-257-6129
    Fax: 641-257-6117