Shell Rock River Watershed Management Coalition

  • The Shell Rock River Watershed Management Coalition: is a Watershed Management Authority as defined in lowa Code chapter 466B. Iowa Code section 466B.22 provides that two or more political subdivisions (defined cities, counties, and/or soil and water conservation districts located within the same United States Geological Survey Hydrologic Unit Code 8 watershed), may create by chapter 28E agreement pursuant to lowa Code chapter 466B, subchapter II, a Watershed Management Authority. The purpose of such authorities is to enable cooperation in supporting watershed planning and improvements for the mutual advantage of the political subdivisions involved.

Board Chair: Ken Nelson of the Cerro Gordo SWCD

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect: Mike Miner of the Butler County Board of Supervisors

Treasurer: Russ Olson of the Worth County SWCD

At Larges:

 Linda Tjaden of the Floyd County Board of Supervisors

 Mike Webb of Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors

 Ron Lenth of Bremer County SWCD

Secretary: TBD