What is a Criminal No Contact Order?
Iowa has a mandatory arrest law in cases of domestic violence. After the arrest, the defendant will have an initial appearance in front of a magistrate. At this time, a No Contact Order will most likely be issued. A No Contact Order states that the defendant shall have no contact of any nature, whether in person, by telephone, in writing, or otherwise with you as the protected party. It also states that the defendant shall not be on or adjacent to your residence, school, or place of employment. This order is in place throughout the criminal process. If the defendant does not obey this order, call the police immediately.

It is important that you keep a copy of your No Contact Order with you at all times. The criminal No Contact Order only applies to you. If you have children or other family that you are concerned about, you may want to consider applying for a civil 236 Protection Order. Crisis Intervention Service can assist you with this process.

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