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Floyd County, IA - Septic Permit Application

  1. Septic Private Sewage Disposal System Permit
    The permit must be printed and signed and delivered with the $300 permit fee.
  2. Office Use
  3. who is filling out the form*
  4. Status of Building
  5. (Feet by Feet)
  6. Type of Property
  7. Garbage Disposal*
  8. Water Softener *
  9. Dishwasher*
  10. Please discribe the poposed location of the septic system
  11. A soil analysis will need to be conducted by a representative of this office in order to determine the size of the drain field.
  12. A backhoe may be needed for the soil analysis.
  13. Submitting this Application
    Please print and sign this form and include the $300 fee to:
    Floyd County Board of Health
    101 S. Main St.
    Charles City, IA 50616
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